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A security system that offers internationally accredited, technologically advanced Cameras, Digital Video Recorders and Monitors. The CCTV System serves as a most effective medium to detect early signs of danger and also provides you with the visual proof of a security breach.
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An intercom (intercommunication device), talkback or doorphone is a stand-alone voice communications system for use within a building or small collection of buildings.
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Public Address & Music System

Public address system is a sound amplification and distribution system using electronic device such as amplifier, microphone and speakers which allow a person to address a large audience. Music systems are designed to support a wide variety of music formats through a host of sources like USB drives, CD’s, DVD’s, portable hard disks and many more.
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SMATV-IRS: Satellite Master Antenna TV Integrated Reception Systems Installation of an Integrated Reception System (IRS) gives residents a choice of free or pay television services from terrestrial or satellite, or even both at the same time provided they have obtained the necessary receiving equipment.
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Short for Private Automated Branch Exchange, this telephone network is commonly used by call centers and other organizations. PABX allows a single access number to offer multiple lines to outside callers while providing a range of external lines to internal callers or staff.
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WLAN or wireless local area network is a local area network (LAN) that doesn’t rely on wired connections, linking devices using a wireless distribution method usually within a limited area such as a home or office building. Wi-Fi is the name of a popular wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections.
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